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Convert More Leads With Engagement Marketing

The game is pretty simple for Loan Officers today. You go out there, chum up referral partners, build a relationship, and hope they trust you enough to start sending customers your way. You guys know this game right? Your managers talk about it all the time and you tell it to yourself as well; “It’s a numbers game.” Make enough appointments, take enough apps and you get the business you want. Sure, there is some truth to this.

But what about conversion?

That’s where the money is made, right? Apps are great, but they’re meaningless until they become actual loans. If you’re not converting, you’re not getting paid.

Here’s a number for you, based on our research:

65% of the loan applications that you take today will not close with you. 65%!! And here’s the really scary part … because of a little thing called the internet, that number will only go up.

So why are you losing so many potential clients? People you are already talking to and taking apps from!?!?

In this 20 minute webinar will show you exactly why and how to convert more of those applications into closed loans.

Don’t leave money on the table. View the webinar HERE and learn how to convert an additional 1 or 2 (or 3 or 4) loans per month without additional prospecting. (stop and ask yourself how much $$ that would be worth…)

As always, we look forward to helping you take your Mortgage business to the next level.


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