Contact Tab

Buying a home is a TEAM effort and should be treated as such. The idea behind Pre Approve Me App is to provide timely, up-to-date resources for Homebuyers, Realtors and Loan Officers. It’s a total team effort on all fronts. When your Buyer needs to get in contact with either their Realtor or Loan Officer (you), all they need to do is click on the co-branded contact tab.

Buying a home is supposed to FUN. Not stressful or overwhelming. We’ve made sure the equal housing logo, NMLS #, and privacy policy are all present to ensure compliance. It’s been one of our goals to get this technology in front of as many compliance departments as possible and let them pick it apart to ensure we’re doing things right. If your compliance department has any questions or problems with the app, let us know and we’ll work with them to resolve the issues.