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Compliance is the business of making sure we stay in business.

No matter how painful compliance might seem, it’s as important to the success of a company as the sales team. We know how to work with your compliance departments to ensure you are following all the rules so that we can run healthy businesses.

How Customizable Is this?

We build apps for company’s to suit their needs. Most settings, visuals and permissions are easily controlled from your corporate manager account. But special accommodation for more advanced control is available when we build your app.

Want to know if we can do it … just ask. In all likely hood, we have done it before.

Pre-Approval/Pre-Qual Letters

Your customers access to Pre-Approval/Pre-Qualification letters can be controlled by DTI, Loan Amount, Verified assets, Interest rate and more. You can control contingencies in the letters, build templates to support different scenario’s and ensure that each state (Or branch) has its own compliant version of the letter. You can give your Loan officers permission to let Customers and Realtors issue their own letters 24/7 or require that your Loan Officer approves the request.

Each letter issued through the platform is stored in the Borrowers profile and easy to access or Download 24/7.

In a recent study of over 50 Loan Officers (While at the NAMB in 2015) more than 30% openly admitted to sending out Pre-Approval Letters in an Editable word document to their “Trusted” realtors to escape the need to send them on demand. This is a huge compliance risk and one we can help you crush forever.

How we handle Security

Pre Approve Me database infrastructure puts strong safeguards in place to help protect customer privacy. All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers and is encrypted to ensure the highest security standards.You can get current AWS SOC reports by Clicking this link – https://aws.amazon.com/compliance/soc-faqs/

How we handle Security

Data is Key

Our data tracking makes learning your company’s success easy. View Customer Logins, realtor log in’s and Loan Officer activity. All emails and messages sent and received through Pre Approve Me are tracked and attached to the correct loan file. You can review any conversation or activity in seconds. Our dashboard will help recapture Customers who might have fallen away from you during their shopping process.

Don’t take our word for it.  This is what one of our members has about PAM and how the Data helps his business.

Lock it down

Last thing you need is a setting or compliance feature changing because someone has messed around with their settings. This is why we give you the power to control all settings, permissions and access levels for each user and LOCK them down when needed.

Co-Branding Done Right

Co-Branding is a hot topic for the Mortgage and RE industry. Realtors want it … RESPA wants you to charge for it. PAM allows for emails and the mobile app to be co-branded in a RESPA Compliant way. Becuase our platform is a communication tool, and not used while co-branded to create new lead opportunity’s .. there is not need to split the cost. This is just another way to bring value and impress your future Agent partners.

Customizable Compliance