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Custom Dti Calculator

Custom Dti Calculator

Pre-Approve Me’s loan officer software has a built-in Custom DTI Calculator that empowers your Buyers and Realtors to shop with confidence. After your initial meeting, you can create the Buyer’s profile and select the different loan programs they are eligible for. You control all the parameters (front and back end ratios, interest rates, etc.) inside each loan program.

The DTI Calculator will display an approval status:

Qualified:  Your Buyer can afford the proposed home and they have the ability to email an instant pre-approval letter if you have unlocked that function for them.

Call Your Loan Officer:  Further investigation is needed to determine if the Buyer is qualified as they fall just outside the acceptable thresholds you set up. The assumption here is they could move to Qualified with a little bit of help from you. The instant pre-approval letter button is unavailable under this status.

From here your Buyers can shop with ease knowing they can input all the relevant housing info (price, down payment, HOA dues, taxes, etc.) and know in a matter of seconds whether or not they are qualified to buy that house!

 Instant Pre Approval Letter

Instant Pre Approval Letter

Providing clarity of price to Buyers and Realtors only goes so far. There is another huge road block that stops the process from running smoothly and is the cause of many headaches.

Getting a pre-approval letter from Loan Officer to Buyer/Realtor in a timely manner us usually dependent on a phone call or email.

But the problem is that no one, no matter how hard they try, can be available 24/7. Pre Approve Me App is.

With the push of a button on your smartphone, you have the ability to have a pre approval letter emailed to you in seconds. After the Loan Officer has done their due diligence getting the Buyer ready to shop, they are sent off with a tool in hand that provides clarity like never seen before.



Providing exceptional service doesn’t stop after an offer has been accepted. The loan process can seem tedious and lengthy to Buyers so the best way to break it all down is to create a set of milestones Buyers will go through.

We wanted to create a cheat sheet of sorts for our Buyers which would keep track and let them know where they are in the loan process at all times. That’s the job of the milestones tab and the “Own Your Home” Thermometer.

After each milestone is reached, a push notification and email status report is sent to the Buyer and their Real Estate Agent updating them about their loans progress.

 Conditions Collection

Conditions Collection

Not getting loan conditions turned in quickly is perhaps the number one reason loans close late. Document gathering can be a lengthy, difficult and painful process for you and even more difficult for your Home Buyers.

The conditions tab of Pre Approve Me App’s loan officer software takes all of this into consideration and then some to provide an easy, less time consuming way to gather docs.

Using the built in snap scanner, Buyers can use their phones camera to take pictures of any outstanding conditions needed. The app will then crop, enhance and clean up the image to create and send a PDF to the Loan Officer.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Social Media Marketing is critical to building a brand today.

The social sharing function in a unique tool that spreads the word of your great service and builds your brand organically.

Along the way at 5 different milestones, a pop up appears and asks your Buyers if they would like to share on Facebook. If the buyer chooses to, they have the ability to write a message on their wall. This is where they give a shout out to their Realtor and Loan Officer for how awesome they are. You are Awesome!

Contact Tab

Buying a home is a TEAM effort. And should be treated as such.

The idea behind Pre Approve Me App is to provide timely up-to-date resources for Homebuyers, Realtors and Loan Officers. It’s a total TEAM effort on all fronts.

So when a Buyer needs to get in contact with either the Realtor or Loan Officer, all they need to do is click on the contact tab.

It’s co-branded with all the contact information from both the Realtor and Loan Officer. Pre Approve Me App’s loan officer software is building a housing revolution.