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Ultimate Realtor Icebreaker

Since day one, our focus has been on helping you bring a NEW value proposition to Real Estate Agents. Tired of selling yourself based on rates and fees, buying donuts and printing flyers? Pre Approve Me will separate you from the competition in a meaningful way.

Anthony Castro

Simply put, the Pre Approve Me App has changed the way I work with buyers forever. Would I work with another lender who did not have Mobile Technology like the Pre Approve Me App? No I would not.

Anthony Castro – Owner, The Broker Network


Wow, am I happy when my clients use the Pre-Approve Me App! If changes need to be made to the purchase price on the weekend, it’s one click away from their email inbox. In this market, that makes our buyer much more competitive. Also, when we are out shopping with our buyers, we can put the specific taxes and purchase price ;into the app and get a real-time, accurate mortgage payment estimate. This makes the decision-making process much easier for our client.

John McKay – Real Estate Broker

Luke Meyer

I’ve noticed a few things over the last month while using the Pre Approve Me App with my clients … but the main thing that stands out; I know exactly which homes my clients qualify for. Two times now I’ve saved myself a trip out to a home my buyers could not afford. Time is money!

Luke Meyer – Owner/Broker