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My buyers love this app. They enjoy being able to see where they are in the loan process and have easy access to the conditions that are required. Agents have also been telling how much they like being able to quickly access each client to see exactly what is still needed for their client’s loan and where the loan is in the process. It also is a great talking point when soliciting new agents and a good way to get your foot in the door. Thank you PAM team.
Nick Rapplean
There is a real Buzz around here about the roll out of Pre Approve Me App. Many of our Loan Officers are so excited that they sign up for the normal version before we can roll out our Custom version. I have referred Michael and his team to over 4 other Mortgage Banks as I believe Technology like his is a MUST have moving forward
Jared Ward
National Relationship Executive / New Penn Financial
Since I started using my branded mobile app a few months ago, I have received many referrals from out of the woodwork. One realtor in particular loves the app so much the she has sent me 6 deals. This is after I hadn’t gotten a referral from her for about a year! We expect similar results for all of our loan officers based on the feedback we have gotten so far!
Brian Grove
Unifirst Home Mortgage
Pre Approve me has been an incredible time saving tool for me and my company. Not only do my clients and agents get to track the status of their loans, but they also get to print off approval letters on the spot, making their offer more appealing in this hot market. Pre Approve Me has allowed me to keep my focus on getting new business while still tending to my realtors 24 hours a day through the app’s automation. I wish I would have found this program years ago!!!
Alex Jimenez
Branch Manager / Hancock Mortgage Partners
Having been in the business for 18 years, my number 1 dilemma has always been fielding calls from borrowers and agents wanting to know payments and needing pre approval letters “right now”. The Pre Approve Me App completely eliminates this. The app is a game changer, and frankly I don’t know how I functioned without it. My Realtor partners were blown away, and I already have a new Realtor team after just a week using the app. It’s like fishing in a barrel. Honestly, I hope other loan officers DON’T take advantage of this…that leaves more for me! Thanks for bringing sanity back to my business.
Rob Dawson
Branch Manger / Liberty Home Mortgage
Mike and the Pre Approve Me Team really understand the problems Loan Officers and Mortgage Companies face every day and have put together a solution that will change the way we run our business’ for the better
Larry Steinway
Senior Vice Presedent / Guarantee rate
Pre Approve Me has the WOW factor when you show Realtors, and is allowing me to remain productive during critical daytime hours so that I get my loans closed FAST
James Adair
Loan Officer / Sierra Pacific Mortgage
In 10 days I set 14 Realtor appointments using Pre Approve Me. It was a great way to share technology with my referral partners and it gave me a reason to meet with the agents I didn’t know that well.
Beau Heidelberg
Loan Officer / M&M Mortgage
The Pre-approveme app is a great time saving tool that lets me and my clients produce real pre-approval letters at any time (as long as thy’re pre-approved of course). I save time and my clients and Realtors love it.
Jeff Nunley
Branch Manager / Peak Mortgage
The Pre Approve Me App is already helping us with our recruiting efforts and stream lining how we communicate with customers and referral partners. We consider this a welcome investment in our business and one that will help drive new Revenue in the door
Derek Hill
Regional Manager / Peak Mortgage
I was an early adopter of the pre-approval app; it has changed my business and I’d never go back! It empowers my clients, my agents, and myself. My clients know what their payments will be and can make informed decisions on their time, at their pace. My agents know if a home is within a client’s price range, and can be efficient with their showings, they can also get a pre-approval letter when they want….no waiting for me! And finally, I know I can spend my time doing the things that set me apart from my competition. Nothing but rave reviews from clients and agents. And what sealed the deal? I had 3 clients put in offers on a Saturday…and I didn’t have to take a single call or email to crunch numbers or write a pre-approval letter, instead I got to spend that time with my family, all while being there for my partners (virtually). There is no way to assign value to that, it’s amazing!
Michelle Joslin
Loan Officer / Options Financial