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HomeIQ Integration

Released on
February 14, 2022
Target Release Dat set for
February 14, 2022

Update Purpose

This release was pretty straightforward, we almost exclusively worked on the integration with HomeIQ, but also made a few small quality of life changes/bug fixes elsewhere for the sake of increased Post Closing focused features. These improvements will likely continue in future releases, and we will be releasing a new custom mobile app widget for HomeIQ in the coming days.


  • Instantly send clients to HomeIQ's Homebuyer Nurturing program when a loan closes!
  • Embed your customers HomeIQ Homeowner Report in your mobile/web app!
  • Changed Borrowers mobile app to use Subject Property Address as the title for their loans when viewing their loans list in the mobile app (in cases a borrower has more than 1 loan)
  • Closed Loans are now visible to borrowers
  • You can now edit Realtor accounts again (excluding email, phone, and user role)


  • Fixed an issue where the Company App Config was being shown to borrowers instead of the Loan Officers App Config (in rare circumstances)
  • Subject Property Address's "Address 1" and "Address 2" fields use to be titled differently between the Loan Dashboard, and the Application View, we've now brought these into uniformity

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