Realtor Co-Branding

Most mobile apps allow realtors to have some level of ''Co-Branding''... and sure, we do that too. But what
Pre-Approve Me focuses on is providing your realtor partners with actual tools that benefit their daily lives.

Step 1

Customize Their Dashboard

Invite your Realtor to the app and welcome them to their new dashboard. Everything they could want to know about shared loans with you.

The Realtor Dashboard is customizable and controllable by you.

Step 2

Generate Pre-Approval Letters

Show your partners how to make it rain Pre-Approval Letters.​

After your realtor has selected the borrower they are shopping with they can run numbers, see qualification status, and issue Pre-Approval Letters in real-time.

Step 3

Track Loan Status

Realtors can track their customer's loan progress in real-time.​

Pre-Approve Me will notify them via text, ringless voicemail, a mobile app progress bar and the web portal instantly.

​Feel free to customize milestones and the milestone emails, voicemails and text messages!

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