Security & Stability

We strive to make the Pre-Approve Me platform secure and stable.

Hosting & Networking

We're software guys, not hardware guys, so we let the Pro's over at Amazon handle that for us

Our solution is hosted in a Tier 1 data center facility (AWS) and it is maintained by their hosting and infrastructure management experts. The security details on Amazon Web Services hosting can be found at the link below.


We handle your customers data as if it was our own

Pre Approve Me LLC employs best practices to ensure maximum security of customer data. As noted above, our infrastructure includes redundant firewalls that are managed and monitored around-the-clock to permit or restrict network traffic and safeguard systems and data from unauthorized access.

Our software development team adheres to the OWASP Foundation’s best practices for software development to ensure we minimize the potential for security vulnerabilities.

Data Encryption

Your data is kept under lock and key... or in this case cipher and key

Pre Approve Me LLC ensures the Data for all information is protected using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).  This is a communications protocol for secure communication over a computer network, with especially wide deployment on the Internet. The main motivation for HTTPS is to prevent wiretapping and man-in-the-middle attacks.

All Data transferred to and from Pre Approve Me LLC’s web server to the mobile app (and vice versa) are secured using 128 bit SSL encryption.

This means that the only system that can read the data being transferred is the Pre Approve Me App Web Server.  Anyone who intercepts a transmission, would be unable to decrypt the message or compromise the integrity of the customer’s private information.

In addition to utilizing encryption during the transfer of our data, all proprietary client data is encrypted using AES 256 bit algorithms (the same level of encryption used by the United States government for top secret information) when stored at rest. Encryption keys are distributed across multiple systems to ensure that even if a single system is breached the attacker is not able to decrypt any data. Data is only decrypted as needed and is not stored in memory any longer than necessary to return information to an authenticated user.


Ready to grow? We are!

To ensure that the Pre Approve Me LLC’s infrastructure is robust and flexible enough to support our expanding user base, it has been architected for maximum scalability through a utility computing approach. This type of implementation enables us to increase capacity on an as-needed basis and without disrupting availability simply by adding servers. The addition of components allows the fully fault-tolerant, grid-based architecture to scale exponentially. Because of this, Pre Approve Me LLC’s customers can be assured that their applications will be available to them at any time, regardless of the total number of simultaneous users. In the event of an influx in customer use or adoption we can obtain additional AWS resources to speed up performance using AWS elastic beanstalk.

Business Continuity

We do what we can to be ready for the unexpected

Pre Approve Me LLC’s mortgage software is hosted in a Tier 1 colocation facility with full redundancy. Tier 1 colocation facilities are built to withstand fires, floods and earthquakes and offer multi-level physical security, power systems with distributed redundancy, and environmental controls to provide optimum conditions for equipment operation.

Regular backups are an integral part of delivering a secure and recoverable SaaS offering. Backup rotation is conducted on a nightly basis for Pre Approve Me LLC’s customers.  Pre Approve Me LLC does not assume that data loss will occur-and best practices are enforced to ensure that a thorough plan for recovery has been established.

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