Instant Pre-Approval Letters

The original and central feature of the Pre-Approve Me platform,
the Instant Pre-Approval Letter is the key to your freedom.

Save You & Your Borrowers Time

When your buyer runs an approved scenario on the app, they can order their Pre-Approval Letter from their phone and have it in seconds. If they are in an offer-counteroffer situation where they need multiple letters, they can handle that, too. Think about how many phone calls and emails you have made and received to handle this one issue. PAM will save you countless hours while giving your Buyers and Realtors the best customer service experience they’ve ever had!

Your custom approval letter is branded with your logo and signature. Not sure if you should give a certain client access to getting their own letters? Simply de-select the box and that client will see the option to ‘request’ a pre-approval letter from you. Maintain control and connection while empowering your buyer and freeing up your time.

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