Smart Conditions

Our Smart Conditions System allows you to request and send documents, request signatures,
and verify assets all from one unified interface.

Flexibility for your Borrowers

Document gathering can be a difficult and painful process and is perhaps the number one reason loans don’t close on time. Our Interactive Tasks List solves this problem by providing a quick and easy way for your buyers to satisfy required conditions.

Borrower-Facing Features

  • Send Documents to Borrowers
  • Request Documents from Borrowers
  • Request Asset Verification via Integrations
  • Request Document Signing via Integrations

Organization For You & Your Team

Keeping track of what you need from your Borrowers can be just as difficult as getting the documents from them. With Smart Conditions you can keep everything in one place and even back up your data to your Cloud Storage provider!

Loan Officer & Team-Facing Features

  • Automated Condition Requests (less work for you!)
  • Cloud storage back-ups
  • Unified management interface for reviewing conditions, and requesting new ones
  • Advanced internal status tracking

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