So You Bought a Native App?

Here's what the process looks like, and what you'll need to do next...

What You'll Need to Get Started

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We have a brief form that we'll need you to submit before you get started, please click below to get started!

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Access to an Apple Device

Due to new Apple Policies, it is now required to have access to an Apple Device (iPhone, iPad, or Mac) to set up 2 Factor Authentication, which is a requirement to complete the set up process for an Apple Developer Account.

A DUNS Number for your Business

Apple requires your business to be registered with Duns&Bradstreet in order to verify that your business is who it says it is. You will need a business developer account, NOT a personal developer account.

$125 for Registration Fees

Apple has an annual fee of $100 per year, we recommend setting up auto renew so that your account does not get suspended a year from now. Google has a one time fee of $25.

Send Us Your Assets

1. We Need Your Logos!

The centerpiece of your business, things always start with your company logo. Please make sure to send us a high resolution version of your logo, or better yet, a vector version!

(recommended formats .png .ai .svg)

Send Logo

2. Company Branding is Next

If you have more info regarding your companies branding, we'll need that too, if not we can use your previously provided logo to base things on.

Send Branding

3. Last is your App Icon

Your App Icon is very important, this is what your customers will see on the store, as well as the home screen of your phone. If you have an Icon already, great! If not let us know, we'll help you out building one, just let us know if you have any special requests.

Send App Icon

Signing up with Apple

1. Enroll in the Apple Developer Program

Use the button below to get started with Apple, they will provide step by step instructions to create a developer account, just make sure to select that you are signing up as a Company and NOT as an Individual.

Apple Developer Sign Up

2. Set up Auto Renew

In order to keep your account from expiring a year from now, we highly recommend setting up auto renew, you should be able to use the button below to open the page to set up auto renew.

Set Up Auto Renew

3. Invite Pre-Approve Me to Join

Use the button below to open Apples "Users and Access" page, from here you just need to tap the "+" and invite as an Admin.

Provide us Access

Signing up with Google

1. Create a Gmail Account

If you don't already have a Google or Gmail Account, you will need to start by creating one. Use the button below to get started.

Create a Google Account

2. Sign Up for the Google Play Developer Console

Use the button below and complete Googles 4 steps for finishing the creation of your Google Play Developer Console Account.

Developer Console Sign Up

3. Invite Pre-Approve Me to Join

Use the button below to open your Google Play Developer Console. From the left side menu tap "Settings". From this page you will need to invite as an Admin to your account.

Provide us Access

Let Us Know Everything's Complete

1. Send Us a Quick Email

Once you've completed everything above, and have invites sent to out to our team, just send us a quick email letting us know we can submit your app to the stores.

Send Us an Email

2. We Submit Your App

Don't worry, nothing for you to do hear, we'll take care of it, please keep in mind, this process can take upwards of 1-2 weeks to complete. We first finish building your app, then submit to both Apple and Google, after that we have to wait for them to Approve the app, if they have any questions or concerns, it can potentially delay the release of the app. We do what we can to get it Approved first try, however things are constantly changing, and we can't guarantee it, this is why we estimate 1-2 weeks.

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