Powerful integration partners can both improve your workflow and
make our software even more powerful.

Direct Integrations

Account Chek Asset Verification

Connect your AccountChek account with Pre-Approve Me and allow you're borrowers to validate their assets on their own, and receiving a VOA Report without any manual interaction

Calyx Point Loan Sync

Our custom Point Integration can sync data from Point to Pre-Approve Me, and autonomously update Loan Status, and Trigger Milestones

DocuSign Integrated Signing

Set up DocuSign templates to provide to your borrowers to sign, all in one unified interface

Dropbox File Backup

Automatically create folders for new loans and sync/backup Files and Conditions data completely autonomously.

Encompass Controlled Sync

Sync Loans from Encompass to Pre-Approve Me, and autonomously trigger Milestone updates, and receive Condition Files

Encompass Loan Sync

Autonomously Sync Loan Application data from Pre-Approve Me to Encompass

My Credit Guy - Credit Restoration

Have a customer that needs help with Credit before buying? Easily send their info to My Credit Guy! Customers will be able to access their personal My Credit Guy account within your mobile app, keeping you from and center!

Zapier Integration Builder

Connecting Pre-Approve Me with Zapier gives you the ability to design and build your own custom integrations with thousands of other software systems!

DIY Integrations

These are just some of the possible platforms that you can build integrations with. If you need help doing this, let our support team know, they'll be happy to help
Easily take leads generated from LeadPops and send them autonomously to Pre-Approve Me, and vice versa
Easily create or update Trello cards based off changes to your Loans in Pre-Approve Me
Send Messages from your Twilio number using Zapier as a third party to build unique Message Campaigns
Automatically import Leads from your LinkedIn Ad campaigns to Pre-Approve Me
Use Microsoft Teams to keep in constant communication with your team
Include your calendar in your mobile app, to help your Clients, or Realtor Partners book times with you.
Include YouTube Videos in your mobile app, or on your Loan Application
Improve internal team communication, and keep loan communication active
Salesforce is extremely powerful, skip the double data entry by automatically syncing Lead data back and forth
Sync new Contacts & Deals back and forth, or even change stages based on processing status!
Automatically Sync deals back and forth without the need for duplicate data entry
Automatically import leads generated through Facebook Ads

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