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Loan Edit Redesign

Released on
March 29, 2022
Target Release Dat set for
January 20, 2022

Update Purpose

The goal of this update was to revamp parts of the UI to improve ease of use for setting up approved scenarios and provide better insights into calculations in the application view. We also worked on resolving a few bug fixes.


  • New Unified Loan Officer Approved Scenario Slide Out - Merged "Edit Borrower Finances", "Loan Officer Approved Scenario", and aspected of "Loan Programs
  • New "Unqualified Scenario" suggestions to try and help users discover why a scenario isn't qualified
  • New Application Overview Payment & DTI Breakdown w/ quick edit of Loan Officer Approved Scenario
  • New, Simplified Scenario breakdown on the Loan Dashboard


  • Fixed styling issues with Borrower Web app when being viewed on mobile devices, specifically the Conditions list
  • Fixed an issue causing the Application View to be scrolled down upon page load
  • Added FNMA Type Dropdown to Create New Loan page
  • Fixed an issue with the Gear Icon in the Application View Debts Overview redirecting to the incorrect section
  • Fixed an issue with the sub nav bar disappearing when viewing the AZ Pre-Qualification Page
  • No longer require the Months Left field to be entered when adding Life Insurance in the Application View
  • Fixed an issue causing dependents not to be able to be added on the Application View
  • Fixed an issue when filtering loans using the processing status filter causing loans to show when they shouldn't

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