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Mini Fixes and Improvements Patch

Released on
November 15, 2022
Target Release Dat set for
November 15, 2022

Update Purpose

Make small improvements and bug fixes


  • Add sender context when a realtor/borrower shares the mobile app with someone
  • Improved email templates to have proper padding consistently
  • Add a max character length to logged in user's names in the nav bar to keep from styling breaking with longer names
  • Added support to display loan source for all source categories (used to only support a limited set of users)
  • Add field validation to the custom website dropdown on a loan officer's profile to keep from things being left in a broken state
  • Add a max character length to assigned loan officer's names in the loans list to keep from styling breaking with longer names


  • Fixed an issue causing there not to be a subject line in the public portal contact form email
  • Fixed a small typo where "Milestones" displayed as "Milestone" on the loans list
  • Fixed a small styling issue where the conditions engine modal wouldn't reset its state when closed

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