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Push Notifications

Released on
March 12, 2024
Target Release Dat set for
March 12, 2024

Update Purpose

Goal of this update was to bring push notification support to PWA's and Native Apps. As long as a customer is on a newer version of iOS or Android, they should now be able to receive push notifications.


  • Push notification improvements for native apps
  • Push notification support for progressive web apps (pwa's)
  • Allow the editing of realtor accounts in certain situations
  • Added support for adding notes to loans while application intake is in progress
  • New Zapier trigger for Share events
  • Added realtor filter to Pipeline page
  • Add "Sync to LOS" button to loan dashboard for easier access


  • Fix issue causing mobile app invite not to send upon s1003 submission
  • Fixed an issue causing dates to be duplicated on the s1003 review page
  • Fixed a UI bug with toggles on the Teams page
  • Adjusted Encompass Condition status mapping to be more accurate
  • Fixed an issue with conditions causing multiple rejection messages to display the incorrect message in condition emails
  • Fixed an issue with the mobile app preview on the public landing page not displaying the Loan Officers profile picture
  • Fixed an issue causing the Pre-Approve Me logo/branding to display on password reset pages, instead of company logo/branding
  • Change System Default for interest showing to a borrower as disabled
  • Fixed a bug with the "Download All Files" button on the Files page

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