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Quality of Life Improvements & Bug Fixes

Released on
November 22, 2021
Target Release Dat set for

Update Purpose

Our goal with this update was primarily to address bugs that have been hanging around, as well as cleanup and improve on some existing systems.


  • Realtor's are now being carried over from the Public Portal to the Smart 1003 to Post 1003 Submission
  • Added Mailing Address to the Application View
  • Changed the term “App” to “Mobile App” in many locations across the system
  • Added support for changing Condition tracker dates from the Conditions list, without needing to open the Edit Modal
  • We now show Realtor’s Bio on the Public Portal
  • We now show Realtor’s Social Media Links on the Public Portal
  • Added Occupancy field to the REO section of the Application View
  • Added support for selecting multiple Processing Statuses on the dashboard, as well as saving multiple Processing Statuses as a filter set
  • Made improvements to the way we handle Borrowers with matching email addresses when submitting the Smart 1003
  • Improved the UI in the Share modal for adding an internal Note to a Share


  • Fixed issue with Interest rate on letter that is sent out from PAL Modal after changes were made in the modal
  • Fixed issue with Condition Completion Date Tracker that cause completed condition dates to be overwritten
  • Fixed an issue when deleting Monthly Rental Income
  • Fixed an issue with the Amount field in Income causing error messages to pop up
  • Fixed UI issues that caused dependents in the Application View not to be functional
  • Fixed an inconsistency in the Application View Declarations section that different from the S1003 Form
  • We now hide the Loan Officer Biography section header if the Loan Officer has no Biography entered
  • Fixed an issue with the Share modal when trying to share via Text/SMS to a Realtor
  • Fixed an issue with DocSend documents being lost when syncing from settings to a loan
  • Fixed an issue with swapping Co-Borrowers to the Primary Borrower section of a loan application from the Application View Summary page
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with Military information when exporting 3.4’s
  • Fixed an issue on the Application View when entering an Ethnicity Origin
  • Fixed an error when saving phone numbers with area codes on the user profile page
  • Changed the Application View term for Second Home to Vacation Home in Delcerations
  • Fixed an error when trying to delete REO sections from the Application View
  • Removed the “Other” option in Declarations “What type of property did you own?” field from the Smart 1003
  • Fixed an issue causing Borrowers/Realtors not to be able to load their loans list on the web app
  • Fixed an issue causing errors when adding REO to the Application View
  • Improved the editing of trackers in the Conditions Edit Modal, previously the calendar selectors could overlap over each other if you opened multiple at once
  • Fixed a UI issue with Realtors in the footer of the mobile app not showing contact info
  • Changed a variety of terms and buttons across the Application View pages to make them more consistent

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