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Realtor Landing Page

Released on
August 22, 2022
Target Release Dat set for
August 18, 2022

Update Purpose

Provide an easy and reliable way to communicate the value proposition of working with you to your Realtor Partners. Our side goal was to improve system UI, and provide additional support methods.


  • New Realtor Landing Page designed to explain our value proposition
  • New Support Center
  • New Dedicated User Pages
  • New Marketing Resources Page for generating outward facing pages. Currently supports Realtor Landing Page, Borrower Landing Page, and Loan Applications
  • New Menu for accessing less commonly used sub pages
  • Updates to the Settings page design
  • New Agent column on the loans list for displaying what Realtor is assigned to a loan
  • Updates to Settings/Sub Nav Bar UI
  • Added additional unqualified dti reasoning in order to create more details on why a scenario is not qualified


  • Fixed a bug where sending an invite to just 1 borrower would actually send an invite to all borrowers
  • Fixed the page name for "Loan Communications", previously it was titled incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug where the Interest rate lock toggle was not in sync between the LO Scenario and Quick Settings

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