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Top-Shelf Processing Integration

Released on
February 2, 2022
Target Release Dat set for

Update Purpose

The purpose of this update was primarily to integrate with Top-Shelf Processing for easier loan submission, but along with that we also added support for exporting URLA .pdf's, a feature long asked for, and necessary for our integration with Top-Shelf!


  • Download the URLA directly to PDF
  • Integrated with Top-Shelf Contract Processing for instant loan submission
  • Changed Smart 1003 to no longer ask for Purchase info when Refinance is selected
  • Improved the terminology for requesting our integration LendingPad to reduce confusion


  • Fixed an issue causing the Smart 1003 not to ask for the name of "enrolled or principal tribe" when American Indian or Alaska Native is selected in demographics
  • Fixed an issue causing our Save Successful message not to be displayed when changing a few settings in the Control Center

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