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EP20 - Co-Founder Matt Doud Chats About the Psycological Aspects of Business

Our Co-Founder, Matt Doud, chats with Michael Neef about the psycological aspects of business and being in the right mental state to run your business. Check Out Our Podcast: Get Started with Pre-Approve Me: We're not the only Point-Of-Sale provider out there, but we are the only ones to provide your borrowers with exactly what they need to get their loan funded in a single, sleek, modular interface. Your Borrowers & Realtors will be able to generate Pre-Approval Letters on the fly, Satisfy Conditions, Track their Loan, and much more. Best of all, you can customize ALL of it, from the branding down to the content, what your Borrowers see is entirely up to you. #Mortgage #mortgagetips #mortgagelife #mortgagerates #Mortgagelender #mortgagebroker #mortgageadvice #mortgagebrokers #mortgagebanker #mortgagebankers #business #businessowner #smallbusiness #videomarketing #marketingstrategy #digitalmarketing #businessideas #businesstips



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