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Improve internal team communication, and keep loan communication active


Integrations are becoming more important due to the increasing advances in automation technology, and the associated need to simplify processes for easier management. An integrated system will streamline your processes, reduce costs, ensure efficiency, and make your life A LOT easier!  Let our team help you create a system that works FOR you, so that you don't need to work for the system.

With the paid version, we will build and manage the integration on your behalf with the only cost listed above. More Tech Savvy? You may be able to build them yourself! Just watch the tutorial below (if available).

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Join Trevor in an extensive tutorial showing you exactly how you can keep your team in the loop by building an integration between Pre-Approve Me and Slack. At the end of this tutorial you can expect messages to be sent out to Slack from all major loan updates inside Pre-Approve Me.

If you need any help getting your Pre-Approve Me account synced to Zapier, please check out this video here: {{link goes here}}

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