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Q1 Newsletter - 2022

March 8, 2022

Refi Go Bye Bye. 

Rates are on the rise and that means low hanging refi’s are going to dry up and move south for the winter.  What is your strategy for surviving this increasing rate environment?  We would like to dedicate this newsletter to those Loan Officers who are committed to purchase loans and strengthening real estate relationships. Check out this blog post for an introduction to our approach…

Automated Realtor Connections.

Don't know how to break the ice with a referral partner? Perhaps hire someone to do it for you.  For the last week I’ve had the team at Maverick Media Lab setting appointments for me. Once they schedule it, I get on a short call to see if we are a fit and take it to the next level if it makes sense.  I'm picky about building my partnerships, but if I find one per month, this will more than pay for itself, not to mention, I don’t have to do the grunt work … just pick up the phone.  So far, they have been booking 4-5 calls per week for me, which is all I have time for and what I told them is my limit. Trick here is to have something of value to talk to them about, try to take the meeting to an in person venue to create a stronger relationship. Check them out... 

How are we helping?

In May we will be releasing a new tool for loan officers to make it easier to invite real estate agents to your mobile app, explain why it’s valuable and get them referring FAST.  The new Real Estate Agent Landing Page will showcase the benefits of having a mobile app, will maintain your branding and can be semi customized for your needs.  Be on the lookout for this one!!! 

Download a preview of the Realtor Landing page HERE

Pre-Approve Me Release Notes (all the cool stuff we built or fixed) 

We had 3 medium-sized releases this quarter, two tied to an integrated partner and combined with bug fixes and additional small features and one feature specific.

Feb 2nd: Top Shelf Processing -

  1. PDF URLA Download
  2. Video interview with Top Shelf’s Founder Dana Lang. If you need an excellent team to help you stay focused on business building activity, you found them!

Feb 14th: HomeIQ Integration -

  1. HomeIQ Integration -  In this interview, we talk about a new Realtor attraction strategy using our new integrated partner
  2. Add Borrowers Name to Email Titles

March 29th - Loan Edit Redesign -

  1. Unified Loan Officer Approved Scenario Slide Out - Merged "Edit Borrower Finances", "Loan Officer Approved Scenario", and aspects of "Loan Programs"
  2. "Unqualified Scenario" suggestions to try and help users discover why a scenario isn't qualified
  3. Application Overview Payment & DTI Breakdown w/ quick edit of Loan Officer Approved Scenario
  4. Simplified Scenario breakdown on the Loan Dashboard
  5. Variety of Bug Fixes.

Here’s a peek at what’s coming soon… 45 Day Roadmap

  1. Real Estate Agent Landing Page -  Pitch your business and PAM with one click!
  2. HomeBot Integration
  3. Additional Document Storage integrations. One Drive, Google Drive and We will be releasing these over the next 3 months one at a time.

Thanks for checking out our updates! We are very excited for an amazing 2022. Our team will be focused on keeping our members more productive then ever, regardless of the rate environment.

Michael Neef

CEO - Pre-Approve Me

Michael is a Broker Owner/Loan Officer with 16 years experience. He originally developed Pre-Approve Me in order to solve problems he was experiencing in his own business and is committed to making the Home Loan Process as smooth and easy as possible.

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